Daniel Anderson is a founding partner at Maier Anderson and an ascendent political strategist with extensive campaign experience across fundraising, field, finance, and paid communications. He has raised millions of dollars for California political candidates, and he has served as campaign manager and senior advisor for victorious ballot measures and candidates across the state.

Noah Maier has almost a decade of experience raising funds for progressive candidates and causes. He recently served as Development Director for a $100M national initiative. Before that, he worked for one of the country's top political fundraising firms, raised funds for statewide and local political campaigns, and led the mid-level donor team at the ACLU in San Francisco.

Adeel Bari is policy geek and progressive strategist from Long Island, New York. A proud alumnus of Ohio State University, he began his political career in 2018, working to help secure a historic victory for Rep. Mary Lightbody in Ohio House District 19. He then served as a campaign strategist for Proximity Consulting Group, where he worked directly with candidates and public officials in OH, GA, and VA to provide solutions in fundraising, communications, and constituent services.

Kayden Maier balances deep empathy with technical know-how and business savvy as Maier Anderson's Manager of Human Resources. He is an experienced board member, philanthropist, and advocate for justice.

Theo Ellington serves as candidate coach for Maier Anderson. He has 8+ years of direct experience providing a wide range of guidance on community development, government affairs, and political strategy. He is the former Director of Public Affairs for the Golden State Warriors, and leads both Homeless Initiatives and Community Development for the San Francisco Salvation Army.

Ro Lamb is a writer who is passionate about connecting people to the present moment through his words and storytelling. He lives in Atlanta, Ga with his wife and four sons.

Gary Hlusko is a self-proclaimed data junkie and political strategist. He led data efforts for successful SuperPACs, US Senate Campaigns, and large universities. He has worked on campaigns in PA, NY, MI, IN, IL, OH, NV, NC, CO, and AL from local school board and judge races to Super PACs to national races including Doug Jones' historic US Senate victory.

CC Fawson has been a designer for over 15 years. Before moving into political work, she cut her teeth designing for promoters in San Francisco. CC is a magician with color and has a thing for vintage advertising– she creates visuals that will keep your campaign above the noise.

We train our staff rigorously and hire less than 1% of applicants. If you're up to the task, email us.